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Natural Tips for a Healthy Summer

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

We've curated some tips on enjoying the summer to the fullest with some nutritional options and natural ways to navigate our favourite time of year.

School holidays have started, the nights are shorter the days are brighter so we know there's no better time to head off on our travels, get out in the outdoors and spend time with our friends and family. But sometimes, it can get a bit much! So we've made a wee guide to help navigate the summer without impacting your health.

Don't let midges, allergies & hayfever or overindulging let you down this summer!

Are You a Midge Magnet?

The photo about looks so serene and picture perfect... but if you've been near water in Scotland during the summer, you'll know that there's a little monster called the midge that makes this beautiful scene feel like a warzone. Some of us are lucky, and they don't like the taste of us. But the rest of us midge magnets need effective protection if we want to enjoy the magnificent landscapes our country has to offer. Most of the big names of insect repellent we know contain a mixture of chemicals called 'Deet'. Although it is declared safe to use on our skin, it is yet another layer of chemical we are exposing ourselves to which can contribute to a high toxin load in our bodies. So here's a natural, non-toxic recipe for you to try:

Use a clean, sterile spray bottle (approx 250ml) and add

  • 5 drops of Citronella

  • 5 drops of Cedarwood

  • 3 drops of Lavender

  • Fill with water and shake

Although this has been an effective recipe for insect repellant for personal use, it has not been scientifically tested or proven to work from a third party and is here for educational purposes. We cannot absolutely guarantee you will not be bitten by an insect when using this recipe.


Love Your Liver, And Stay Hydrated

Have you been basking in the sun at a BBQ? Or laying by the pool with a cocktail in hand? These are often the things we look forward to all year, which in turn can also encourage your body to dehydrate. From being out in the heat for a long time, to putting stress on our liver, the accumulation can lead to some symptoms we'd rather not have! However, knowledge is power - if you'd like to enjoy that cold beer in the sun but still look after yourself, here are some tips to help you support your liver during the season as well as keeping your body hydrated.

- Limit other liver stressors

Caffeine, sugar and alcohol are the three main stressors for your liver. If consuming too much, they stop your liver functioning properly which is in charge of many vital processes within the body including hormone production and processing nutrients from our food. Ways we can support our liver is cutting down our caffeine intake, switching to non-alcohol or low-alcohol options, or swapping the processed sugar to natural options, such as honey, agave or seasonal berries.

At Auchterarder Health Foods, we also love the herb Milk Thistle to support our liver function. There is an antioxidant in Milk Thistle which supports detoxification of the liver. We stock Travel Packs of Milk Thistle tablets which are so convenient when it comes to going on holiday or needing a way to supplement on the go.

- Amp Up The Hydration

Start your day with a warm glass of lemon water - this helps hydrate your cells and get your digestive system going as well as clearing your organs. Another method of hydrating is eating hydrating foods: implementing cucumber into your meals is a great way to increase hydration easily. Herbal ice teas such as ginger, chamomile and peppermint can also be a fun way to switch it up when needing to hydrate a lot when it's hot.

Opt for Natural & Organic Sun Cream & Lotion

Sometimes it's easy to not recognise how many chemicals we are applying to our skin everyday. And in summer, this only increases to protect us from the sun.

However, there is another option to the standard sun cream we all know well. Natural sun lotion is available with active ingredients such as Zinc which are natural barriers to UV rays. When we talk about natural sun cream, most of our minds go to images of us covered in grey and gooey clay... but these days, there are many natural options that feel and look extremely similar to traditional sun cream.

Not only does this reduce toxin exposure for us and our families, but it also prevents us from polluting the oceans and our waters with the very same chemicals.

What Do You Think?

Are you ready to make some changes this summer? More and more of us are becoming conscious with what we put in our bodies and in our environment, and we hope that these summer tips will help make those adjustments easier and actionable.

If you have any questions about what product is best for you or your family, do not hestitate to call Gill on 01764660246 or email We have a range of natural skincare products, liver loving supplements and essential oils available for you to stock up this summer!

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