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3 Things to Help You Recover This Winter

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

The Festive Season is well and truly over and we are now full swing into 2023.

Whilst we all can say how the Christmas period is filled with joy and good times, it can sometimes take a toll on our bodies. January is infamous for colds, flus and inflammation mostly due to spreading of infections at parties and filling up on wine and decadent dinners.

Are you feeling the effects? Here's 3 ways you can help your health this January:

1. Probiotics

Probiotics are live cultures, or 'friendly' bacteria for your gut. They help strengthen the lining of your gut which protects you a number of things, including inflammation and they are the base point of your immune system.

Probiotics can be even more important when you have been prescribed antibiotics. Antibiotics can not only attack the bad bacteria you are taking them for, but also the essential friendly bacteria in your gut. A low level of gut bacteria can lead to digestive problems, a weakened immune system and inflammation.

You may ask yourself, where do I even start? There are literally thousands of probiotic products available to you, however we recommend Optibac Probiotics as they are well-research and high quality strains proven to reach your gut alive. We have a wide range of Optibac products suitable for different needs. You can find out more on the Optibac website.

Extra Tip: Don't want to commit to a supplement? You can add food based probiotics to your diet by eating fermented foods; such as sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha and more.

2. Eat the Rainbow 🌈

It may sound simple, because it is! Filling your diet with as many different coloured veggies and fruits is an easy and cost-effective way to help boost your immune system. Each piece of fruit or veg, depending on the colour, has a different set of antioxidants and vitamins which are fantastic at battle away any nasties (or free radicals) in your system and maintaining your health.

A straightforward way to introduce as many different fruits and vegetables can be making a smoothie alongside or instead of your regular breakfast. You can also add things like Chia seeds or protein powder for extra fibre and feeling of fullness. Here's a recipe we LOVE:

  • Half a banana

  • 2 tbsp coconut yoghurt

  • Handful of blueberries and strawberries

  • 1 tsp of Moringa powder (optional)

Pop in a blender for 30 seconds, and enjoy!

3. Tinctures & Remedies

There a plenty of effective natural products that can help soothe symptoms of colds, flus and digestive problems until you are back to feeling yourself. We've dissected a few illnesses and health issues that have been most prominent since New Year and have hand selected some products for you below:

Bronchoforce - For Chesty Coughs

Bronchoforce contains Ivy Thyme in the form of drops, a traditional herb that helps clear and soothe chesty coughs and moves excess mucus. This a customer favourite and something we are quick to recommend.

Pukka Elderberry Syrup - Immune Booster

This natural source of Vitamin C is suitable for all the family which also contains a high strength of antioxidants to help fight infections and oxidative stress. This syrup is a good option when trying to fight off a cold but also to prevent getting sick.

Echinaforce Products - Battling a Cold

Echinacea is a well-known natural cold and flu fighter, and has also been known to help fight against Covid infections too! (see publication here) A. Vogel Echinaforce contain a pure and high level of Echinacea which can be taken via tablet, oral drops or as cough sweets, syrup or spray.

We hope that these small tips can help you get through this month as we look on to 2023! If you have any questions, or want some advice on picking what's right for you, give Gill a call on 01764 660246 or email us.

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